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The role of government legal advisers, a Canberra seminar with Jenny Duxbury

27 Feb

Lunchtime Seminar

“See and Avoid": exploring the role of government legal advisers in tricky policy and politics

with Jenny Duxbury, BA (Hons), LLB, LLM, Research Fellow and PhD Candidate, Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra

Jenny will talk about her research into the role of government lawyers in policy-making. Drawing on models of expertise, developed by legal and policy scholars she will show how values enter into highly contested policy debates and into legal decision-making by government agencies. She will use a case study on the controversial airspace reform "NAS2b" to highlight how lawyers advising different actors within the debate, positioned their advice on the legal process and integrated their advice with non-legal considerations in the policy mix. She will conclude with a discussion about how insights from this study might help lawyers position themselves in solving future policy problems.

Date: Tuesday 27 February 2018

Time: 12.30 to 1.45pm

Reception Room ACT Legislative Assembly

The seminar is open to all members of the AIAL and to any interested members of the public. Admission is free, but registration is required. The seminar attracts 1 unit in the ACT mandatory continuing professional development scheme for lawyers. Please send RSVPs to the email address below by 12pm on 23 February 2018. Inquiries can be directed to the AIAL Secretariat on 02 6290 1505 or at

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